Puppy Socialization
Puppy SocializationSocialization is the act of exposing your puppy to the world. It starts at birth and this critical period ends after 14 weeks of age. Socialization involves introducing your puppy to new objects, places, people, and situations. This needs to be done in ways that help your puppy learn how to respond to and interact with these experiences appropriately without causing fear. These experiences help owners and their puppies build a bond together. Puppy socialization will help your dog grow into a well-rounded adult.



Puppy Kindergarten
Puppy Kindergarten


It is never too early to start training your puppy. Aside from preventing predictable problems, training also helps to build a relationship between you and your puppy. Training is a way of making a connection through communication and having fun together. As you teach your puppy basic life skills, games, and perhaps a few extra tricks, you will be building a life long relationship together.






Crate Training
Crate Training

There are several good reasons to crate train your dog. It is an essential part of housebreaking, a quiet resting place, a way to prevent unplanned home remodeling, and at some point in their lives they will be in a crate – like at your veterinarian’s office. If not used correctly, a crate can cause your dog to become frustrated and fearful. Establish a trusting relationship with your dog by providing a safe and secure oasis.




Basic Dog Obedience Training
Basic Obedience Training

Whether your dog is a wild teenager or young at heart, learning some basic skills will establish a solid foundation in your relationship together. Obedience training gives your dog a mental workout–something just as important as physical exercise to head off boredom. Some skills, like a strong recall, could even save your dog’s life one day.





MannersGood manners are as necessary for dogs as they are for people. A dog who jumps, pulls while on a leash, or lacks self-control often finds him/herself left out of numerous activities. You can build a relationship based on cooperation and trust molding your dog into a well-mannered companion that makes you proud. You should not have to worry about your dog pulling away from you while on a walk. Don’t be embarrassed of your dog jumping on your house guest or knocking them over to bolt out the front door. Help your dog become well-mannered in these situations and more.



Clicker Training
Clicker TrainingClicker training is a fantastic, science-based way to communicate with your dog and enrich your relationship. It is a training tool using positive reinforcement. It can be used to teach your dog obedience type behaviors, as well as more advanced behaviors and tricks.

Did you know that you can train any kind of animal of any age with a clicker. SeaWorld and the Denver Zoo are two examples of places utilizing this training tool.